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Behind The Masks

Wednesday, 30 November 2011 19:12 Oriya Publisher
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In any big-budget movie that you see today, chances are at least part of it is “computer generated,” or CG. CG characters are particularly fascinating because they let filmmakers create both normal people and weird aliens that look totally realistic. Gollum from “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy is the most famous CG character to date, and he’s also the most detailed and realistic, or you can just simply choose the whole “Avatar” crew. Of course, there are characters that are only covered by make up like late Heath Ledger whose done incredible job as Joker in “Dark Knight”. Anyway, if you have wondered who are all those people behind the masks in all those big movies, take a look at the pictures below. Maybe you will be surprised.

Zoe Saldana – Neytiri in Avatar

Rebecca Romijn – Mystique in X-Men

Hugo Weaving – V for Vendetta

Robert Englund – Freddy Krueger

Andy Serkis – Gollum in the Lord of the Rings

Daveigh Chase – Samara Morgan in The Ring

Boris Karloff – Frankenstein

Michael Chiklis – Thing in Fantastic Four

Jackie Earle Haley – Rorschach in Watchmen

Gary Oldman – Dracula




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